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Our New Digital Content!!


Thousands of New E-books Available through the Natalia Veteran's Memorial Library!

Natalia Veteran's Memorial Library is participating in the E-Read Texas program.


E-Read Texas is an online program offered by the Texas State Library and Archives Commission that makes electronic books freely available through the SimplyE app, which is easily downloadable at no cost through an app store.


The program was created in 2019 to support digital content for libraries serving communities with populations under 100,000. There are currently over 100 public libraries from all over the state participating in the program.


With more than 6,000 e-books available through E-Read Texas, the collection includes popular fiction and non-fiction, as well as a collection of more than 600 books for children grades K through 8. The collection also features a library of Texas-related works published by the Texas Book Consortium. With more than 700 titles, the Texas Book Consortium collection focuses on Texas history, geography, nature, and many other topics.


For more information about how to get started with E-Read Texas and the SimplyE app, please come by the library at 501 Third Street, Natalia.

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